WIKF Sweden Spring Camp 2014 With Sensei Jon Wicks & Sensei Wim Massee

Publiceringsdatum: 2014-feb-19 19:19:50

This is an open training camp for all members of WIKF, from White to Black belt. The only prerequisite is that you have trained actively for at least three months. Sensei Jon Wicks, 8th dan, WIKF World Chief Instructor & Sensei Wim Massee, 7th dan, WIKF World Technical Committe & WIKF Sweden Chief Instructor Michael Öberg, 5th dan together with several high-ranking WIKF Sweden instructors will lead the camp.

No preregistration is necessary; you can register when you arrive. The cost is SEK 500 for two days and SEK 300 for one day. Kyu-grading costs SEK 300 – remember to bring your grading book! Registration starts on Saturday at 8.15 in the Center court entrance, please arrive on time.

If you have a Brown or Black belt in WIKF Wado Ryu you are invited to take part in a special training sessiononFridayMay30th between7pmand9pmleadbySenseiJonWicks.

The cost is SEK 300. You can pay on arrival, Friday at 6 pm.

Please bring a lunch package, a water bottle and energy snacks. There are restaurants in Täby Centrum, 5 minutes walk away.

You are all warmly welcome!