Stage karate WIKF Italia 06-07-08 June 2014‏

Dear friends WIKF belonging to the family, I decided to organize in the area where I live and teach a stage technician with Sensei Jon Wicks.

I invite you to think of wanting to participate because I have tried to combine the stage for a holiday, as you can see from the photo, our family while we'll train, you can enjoy the sun and the sea, the prices that I managed to get considering the period and the four stars are extremely competitive, the building is 500 meters from the hotel and if you want you could potrarre your holiday with the same special prices. I kindly ask you to publish the

poster translated into English on the websites of individual nations WIKF, I

have a lot of enthusiasm in wanting to grow WIKF Italy and I hope that you

are rewarding me with your kind presence.


Alessandro Sciarra

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